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Fossils:  Russian Trilobites

These trilobites are all absolutely of the highest quality. Exacting care has gone into the prep work on each and every one of these. I am sure you will agree once you see them up close and personal. They are all lower Ordovician, approximately 500 million years old...yes, a half a billion years old!
25% OFF SALE!!!

Wonderful Specimens!

Click for more details... From Russia with Love
This Asaphus lepidurus trilobite is just amazing! Beautifully prepped and resting on a matrix with a flattened base. The bug measures 3-1/4 inches long and 1-3/4 inches wide. From the Wolchow River area of Russia.
Item: RTR001 Price: $300.00
25% Off, Now $263.00
Click for more details... Big Boris John
This Xanasaphus delphinus trilobite is middle Ordovician in age. It is a fine specimen with excellent detail but with a slightly crushed side and a wee bit of reconstruction. It measures 3-3/8ths long by 1-1/2 inches wide.  Middle Ordovician, from the Wolchow River area of Russia.
Item: RTR003 Price: $225.00
25% Off, Now $169.00
Click for more details... ZinWOWski
Neoasaphus kotlukowi trilobite. Excellent detail, perfect in every way!  Another fine example of what quality prep work can show without sacrificing the integrity of the specimen. 2-1/4 by 1-5/8ths inches. Middle Ordovician, from the Wolchow River area of Russia.
Item: RTR005 Price: $200.00
25% Off, Now $150.00
Click for more details... Treader
This Illaenus dalmani trilobite bends around the matrix of which it rests.  A truly fine preparation, to show excellent detail. From the lower Ordovician era, 500 million years old. From the Wolchow River area of Russia.
Item: RTR006 Price: $225.00
25% Off, Now $169.00
Click for more details... Super Glide
This is a Neoasaphus punctatus trilobite. It has been prepped to perfection with great care taken to preserve the eye tentacles. It measures 2-1/2 inches long by 1-1/2 inches wide. Middle Ordovician, from the Wolchow River area of Russia.
Item:RTR002 Sold, Thank You!



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