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Minerals - Spheres - Crystal

Choose from a selection of Quartz, Amethyst, Calcite spheres.  Scroll down for the entire collection.   
We have a variety of stands available for your selection.

Clear Crystal Quartz Ball:
They spheres are 100 percent quartz not leaded glass.  The quartz was collected and super heated removing all impurities and clarified into absolutely water clear spheres.  They are perfect for gazing and come with a wood stand. Choose from two sizes, 80 mm (3-1/4 inches) or the larger 100mm (4 inches) in diameter. This new low price is an amazing deal on such popular sphere!
80mm Sphere
SPC80  $28.00
100mm Sphere
SPC100 $40.00
Small Quartz Spheres
Choose from a variety of sizes with these inexpensive quartz spheres.  Some have rainbows, planes or light mist.  All are top quality with a high degree of clarity.
28 -30 MM  $5.00
34 - 36 MM  $8.00
40 mm  $12.00
spq004-t.jpg (14365 bytes) 40 MM Smoky Spheres
These spheres are all very clear and the degree of smokiness goes from deep brown to a light smoky color.  Please let us know your preference.
Item SPQ004
Click for more details... Beveled Mirror Ball Quartz: These spheres are a very fine grade of clear quartz. Brazilian craftsmanship has created miniature mirror balls measuring approx. 1 inch in diameter. Held in the light beautiful prism effects channel through these spheres! SPC018

Super Amethyst Spheres!
These very juicy translucent to clear purple spheres have a wonderful sheen and loads of character! Low prices high quality!
spa001-t.jpg (13432 bytes) Purple Passing
This 80 mm sphere has light purple melting into a translucent smokey area. Excellent hexagonal purple band in the smoky crystal.
Item: SPA001 PRICE: Sold, Thank You!

Click for more details... Chinese Calcite: We have two distinct colors of these spheres, yellow and green. Pictured is the green. Both varieties are translucent with internal reflective planes. Both are beautiful! 
85 mm
Item: SPC025
Price: $48.00
Item: SPC009
68-72 mm  $42.00
85 mm $58.00
Click for more details... Mexican Calcite: These spheres are bright orange and quality crafted in Mexico. They are opaque so no light shines thru them. Some are with sparkle and fracture lines. Prices:
44-50 mm $15.00 (Item Number SPC001)
76 mm $35.00 (Item Number SPC002)


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We have a wide variety of
Display Boxes and Stands!

Lighted Displays

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