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Fossils: Megalodon Shark Teeth
Collected from underwater deposits out of  brackish waters of North and South Carolina. The Carcharodon megalodon shark ruled the seas which grew up to lengths estimated to be 70 feet!  It is supposed the modern great white shark is their distant relative. 
Hubbell Tooth
So called "Hubbell" heart shaped pressure neonate from the Pliocene.  This type of tooth represents when meg's were born without cusps through the last few million years of their lineage.  Measures 2-1/4" tall by 2" across the root base.
Item:  MEG041
Very Large Tooth
A super large tooth that measures just over five inches long and 3-3/4" across the root base.  It has excellent edge serration detail and complete enamel.  This is a very thick tooth that weighs just under 10 ounces, its HUGE!  It has minor root ear wear.
Item:  MEG045
4 Inch Tooth
Excellent tooth with very good serration detail.  This tooth is in great shape!  It measures 4 plus inches tall and is just under 3 inches wide.
Item:  MEG046
Thick Megalodon Tooth
This specimen measures 4-1/4 inches long and three inches at the root base.  Good serration detail along both edges.  A very nice tooth at a great price.
Item:  MEG047
Sharp Serrations
Edge serrations are very sharp with some root missing.  This tooth measures 3-3/4 inches long by 2.5 inches across the root base. 
Item:  MEG048
Wide Span
This tooth is very wide at the base with good enamel on one side and fail on the reverse. It has excellent shape and is quite impressive when you hold it in the palm of your hand. It measures 4-3/4 inches in lateral measurement.
Item: MEG011 Price: $105.00
meg018-t.jpg (14690 bytes)

This tooth is more of a lateral tooth.  It comes from the middle of the tooth set of the shark denoted by its slightly curved shape.  It is Kid safe, while showing some serration detail.  It measures 3- 1/4 inches.
Item: MEG018  Price: $60.00

Da Monster
This tooth is over 5 inches long, and 3.5 inches across the root base, whoa, very impressive!!!  It has perfect edges with serration detail and complete root ears.  It weighs nine ounces, just imagine how big the fish was that displayed a mouth full of teeth this size!
Item:  MEG044
Sold, Thank You
Classic Triangle
Thick, classic shaped tooth.  This one is an unusual brown color and measures 3-1/4" tall by 2-1/4" across the root base.  Beautifully polished with no edge serrations.  Child safe.
Item:  MEG040
Sold, Thank you


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