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Mineral: Selenite
There are many different types and shapes of Selenite found through out the world.  Click on any of the links below to view a thumbnail page of the respective variety of choice.

Canadian Selenite Orbs, Unusual specimens mined from only one source in the world.  They are from the Red River Spillway near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and have exceptionally bright fluorescence and long decay phosphorescence. 
I have a limited supply and will be happy to post pictures to you through email.
Selenite Orb 01
Very unusual orb with rich honey color petite blades jutting 360 degrees from this orb.  Rich color absolutely natural, about the size of an orange.  This is a UV mineral from Canada.
Item: CSL01
Selenite Orb 02
Bold light golden blades jutting in every direction of this orb.  Lovely specimen from Canada, glows green under UV light.  About the size of a small orange.
Item:  CSL02
Polished Happy Stone Selenite
These are nice palm size specimens that show the fiber optic quality of  this mineral.  Great for geologic study and they just really feel good when you hold them too!
Item: SHS01
Polished Red Selenite Happy Stone
This naturally red fiber optic selenite has more subtle optic quality than the white but has a unique color.  Color varies please specify if you'd like a light or darker stone.
Item:  RHS02
Desert Rose
Heat treated gypsum brings out the frosty edges of these lovely clustered balls.
Selenite crystals that contain one or more inclusions of other minerals that show up as thin fibrous lines.
Sand Crystal
Grouped bladed crystals that are primarily made up of sand.
Crystalline masses of gypsum in growth patterns that resemble the V of a fish tail.
Desert Rose Bladed Specimen
Lovely oval shaped blades of brown color with white edges.  This is a 3 dimensional shelf specimen measuring 6 x 4 x 3 inches.  #1 quality!
Item:  DSL001
Sold, Thank you



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