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Mineral: Spirit Quartz
For the Millennium Spirit Quartz remained unknown to the world.  Embedded deep in the cradle of mankind of Africa.  It was first found by local tribes who named it Spirit Quartz due to its similar appearance of Mentholated Spirits.  The African traditional healers gave great meaning for its obvious powers.  In the past year or so, Spirit Quartz has been introduced to the world as a powerful healing crystal.  Healing energy is directed through the main crystal  as well as radiating out in all directions from the tiny druzy crystal that often covers the "Mother crystal".  A variety of companion minerals can be wrapped around the mother crystal including amethyst, heated citrine, hematite and smoky quartz.  Spirit Quartz demonstrates its versatility through its variety of colors, and companion elements for powerful healing energy and works well with other healing crystals and stones.  It is mined only from one location in the world, Magaliesberg, South Africa.

Spirit Quartz 03
Nice smallish amethyst point growing from a citrine tinged base.  1.25" point.
Item:  SQZ003
Spirit Quartz 05
Spunky chunky specimen, the largest point is actually 3 points grown together from a citrine base.  Point is not as blue as the picture shows. Stands 1.5" tall.
Item:  SQZ005
Spirit Quartz 06
Amethyst tipped thick point along with a companion point growing along side.  Citrine matrix.  point measures 1.5".
Item:  SQZ006

Spirit Quartz 07
White point growing from a citrine matrix with some oxide flecks mingling in with the smaller crystals.  Point measures 1.5 inches.
Item:  SQZ007
Spirit Quartz 01
Nice white quartz with an natural light undercoating of what looks like citrine.  Point is 2 inches long.
Item:  SQZ001
Sold, Thank You
Spirit Quartz 04
Can stand on its own white point with flecks of oxide sprinkled through out the smaller crystals.  Measures 1.75 inches.
Item:  SQZ004
Sold, Thank You

Spirit Quartz Amethyst Cluster with a well defined point on a druzy matrix measuring 3 x 2 x 1.5 inches.  Well defined point, lovely deep purple.
Item: SQZ047
Sold, Thank You
Spirit Quartz 02
Amethyst infused specimen with the largest point measuring 2 inches.  Many smaller points on this mini-matrix.
Item:  SQZ002
Sold, Thank You
A sweet group of quartz crystal on a flat druzy matrix.  Several nice points grace this specimen.  It measures 1.5" tall and is just under 2.5" long.  A wonderful specimen to put around your computer!
Item:  SQZ040
Sold, Thank You



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