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Fossil: Limb Segments
Two Varieties, the short stumpy ones with a polished end from Madagascar or the longer natural limb segments from Arizona.  All are of A grade quality.
(scroll down for the natural segments)

Polished End, Madagascar
Very nice limb segments look just like their non-petrified modern day counter part!  Grain, knot holes, bark...its all there with these specimens as well as a polished end!  These specimens are from Madagascar.
Petrified Wood 034
Polished end is a golden color with red highlights with some wood grain and bark impressions.  Measures 1.5" in diameter and 2 inches tall.
Petrified Wood 035
Polished end has many shades of brown and tan with a nice pattern and has excellent wood grain and bark impressions.  2" across, 1" tall.
Petrified Wood 036
Nicely polished "mystic eye" center with boatloads of wood grain!  Measures 2.5 x 1.5 oval and 1.5" tall.
Petrified Wood 037
Very nice agatized center within a rough outer surface.  No wood grain or bark impression just a  gnarly shape!
Petrified Wood 038
This specimen has really cool radiating veins of chalcedony emitting from the center of the polished end. 2 x 1.8 inch oval, 1.5" tall.
Petrified Wood 039
Striking red patterns emanate through the darker mineralization of the polished surface giving this specimen a unique character.  Half has striking wood grain and limb pits.

Petrified Wood 023
Yellow-tan colored specimen with a darker brown center.  1.5" across and 2" tall.  Nice outer grain detail.
Item:  PWB023

Petrified Wood 024
This specimen has dark mineral replacement on the polished end. Oblong and about 2" across by 2.5" tall.
Item:  PWB024

Petrified Wood 027
Nicely multi-colored specimen with excellent circumference detail.  1.5" across by 1.8" tall.
Item:  PWB027
Sold, Thank You!


Arizona Natural Limb Segments
Surprisingly natural looking minerally replaced limb segments with grain, knots, bark and A quality detail.
Arizona Limb Cast
Very nice realistic looking specimen with some chalcedony bubbling out of it.  Reddish color. 3" long, 1.3" wide oval shaped.
Item:  PWB031
Arizona Limb Cast
Rich brown, darn near white on the other.  Very real looking specimen measuring 3" long, 1" diameter.
Item:  PWB032
Arizona Limb Cast
Wow!!  Check out the detail on this specimen!!  It measures 4" long and 1.8" in diameter.
Item:  PWB028
Sold, Thank You!



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