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bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Dinosaur
   -Bones/Egg Shells
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Fish:
   -More Fish
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Mammal:
   -Teeth & Jaw
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Shark Teeth
   -Meg-3/4 Partials
   -More Teeth
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Miscellaneous
   -Shark Tooth in Bone
   -Yorktown Formation
   -Fossil Shell List

Long Download)
 -Mazon Creek

bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Ammonites:
   -Polished/Split Pairs
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Belemnites

bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Blastoids
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Crinoids
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Shrimp
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Trilobites
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Russian Trilobites
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) More Invertebrates

bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Petrified Wood:
Limb Segments
    -Palm Wood
   -More Wood
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   -More Leaves
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Other Plant Material:
   -Cones Seeds Flowers 

   -Pink Tourmaline
   -Mineral Specimens
   -Mineral Specimens 2


   -Polished Slabs


   -Fairy Stone

bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Crystals:
   -Lemurian Crystals
   -Elestial Quartz
   -Hematoid Quartz
   -Lithium Crystals
   -Calico Quartz Clusters
   -Quartz Obelisk's
   -Quartz Massage Wand
   -Quartz Lodelight
   -Phantom Quartz
   -Candle Quartz
   -Polished Quartz
   -Polished Points/Large
   -Smoky Quartz  
   -Spirit Quartz 
   -Thunder Bay
   -Points and Clusters
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Spheres
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Calcite
  -Sand Crystal
  -Various Colors
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  Decorative Carvings
   -Quartz Hearts
   -Onyx Hearts
   -Fluorite Hearts
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Pyramids

bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Fulgurites
   -Lightening Strikes


bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Display Boxes
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Lighted Displays
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Rings & Stands
bullet.jpg (4671 bytes) Wood Displays

  Bargains N' Bulk

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  Fossil Frames

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Ordering and Payment Information:

To Place an Order or Inquire about a Product:
If you would like to order items from the CurioGrove website, please send e-mail to: or call us at (615) 746-4182.

Include the following product information for each item ordered:
Item Name:
Item Number:

Include the following personal shipping information:
Email Address:

Once we receive your email: 
CurioGrove will send you an order confirmation with shipping and payment information for your handling.  You are also welcome to call your orders into us at (615) 746-4182

Payment Methods:
We accept Personal Checks, Money Orders, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and PayPal. Your order will be shipped priory mail upon receipt of payment.   Sorry, we no longer accept American Express.

Credit Card Policy:  Credit Card orders of $75.00 or more require a faxed signature before processing your order. Please fax to: 877-713-5545.  All Credit Card purchases for CurioGrove or Fossil Image orders will show up on your bill with my name, Kevin Burgart.  Please note this at the time of your purchase to avoid confusion upon receiving your credit card statement.

PayPal Payments:
PayPal provides an secure online payment service for individuals and businesses to send and receive payments through the Internet. If you would like to more information regarding PayPal, please visit their website at

Check or Money Orders Payments:
If you are sending a Check or Money Order Payment, please mail to the following address:

Kevin Burgart
PO Box 396
Pleasant View, TN  37146

Shipping Methods:
We ship via USPS Priority Mail and most orders ship within 24 hours of receipt of payment and arrive within 2 to 3 business days. 

Shipping Rates:
We use the current US Postal Service Priority Mail rate with shipment tracking and insurance for the United States. UPS service is available upon request.  Please send your zip code to calculate shipping costs.

International Shipments:
We ship internationally, your shipping charges will be included in your email invoice.  Please include you full address when sending us your orders.  International shipments shall be through the United States Mail Service to your mail service, we do not ship DHL or Fed Ex.

Our Location:
We are located in Pleasant View, Tennessee.  Our shipping zip code is 37146.

Return Policy:
We charge actual shipping charges (USPS or UPS) and we do not add any other handling fee to your order.  However we do require a 15% restocking fee for items returned to us. We do not refund shipping charges.   

Somebody will be happy to take your order!

PRICING: Pricing on display boxes and stands subject to change without notice.

Curiogrove reserves the right to refuse business and is under no obligation or contract to sell its products should client demands be unreasonable.

"It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept." Calvin

 We have always been proud to bring quality fossils, minerals, display items and other curio's to our customers at affordable prices and strive to maintain our website.



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