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Minerals - Specimens

Sample specimen
Very sparkly crystal blades on limonite matrix from Mapimi, Durango Mexico. 
Item: MIN036  
New Stock Available
$18.00 to $60.00 please inquire

Sample specimen
Peacock Ore - Chalcopyrite
NEW LOT!  Super bright blue!  Chalcopyrite is often called Peacock Ore due to the intense iridescent colors. It is a beautiful mineral specimen and was mined, washed, and imported from Mexico. This is a sulfide known as Bornite, it has a lot of sparkle power and is really heavy for its size.  Item CCP001
1" specimens available for $1.50 Please specify.
min023-t.jpg (17485 bytes)
Sample specimen
Labradorite  These lustrous specimens have tremendous FLASH. They are all number one grade A specimens and many of them are translucent as well as iridescent.  Please specify which sheen you prefer, Green, Blue, Gold or combined colored specimens. You will receive a specimen like the one pictured and please specify size preference..
Item: MIN023
3.5-5 oz $10.00
2-3.5 oz $8.00

Sample specimen
Grossular Garnet: These Individual natural garnets can relate to prosperity and wealth.  Chakras are for the Solar Plexus (3rd) and heart (4th). Nice size 3/4 to over an inch.
3 for $16.00
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
The picture displays a terminated point, please note, we have raw, chunk form only.  The stone of natural intuition.  This soothing stone helps filter information and is helpful for your intuition. 
$4.00 to $15.00
Please inquire
min032-t.jpg (11669 bytes)
Sample Specimen
A nice selection of rich blue bladed specimens of this silicate, Kyanite.  Blades are 2.5 to 3.5 inches long.  Known for its ability to enhance creativity, to broaden perspective and has is a calming facilitator for meditation.
Item: MIN032 

Sample specimen
Black Kyanite Spray
This is a sample photograph of our offering of black Kyanite.  Lovely and unusual shape!  Larger specimens available, please inquire.
Item: MIN046
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
Aragonite - Red: These sparkly pieces of Aragonite are imported from the mines of Northern Morocco. The well formed crystals are jammed together in a round-ish shape with monoplane points jutting out in a 360 degree pattern. Flashy and fun!   Item: MIN006
Citrine "Tooth" Point
Very nice single citrine points with transparent well defined orange-honey color on one end down into the "root" of white mineral.
Three sizes to choose from.
3" Specimen
OC001-LG     $7.00
2" Specimen
OC001-MED  $4.00
1-1.5" Specimen
OC001-SM    $2.00
Bulk quantity available in all sizes.
min033-t.jpg (13732 bytes)
Sample specimen
This green mineral is composed of mica schist.   It is a rich green color due to a high concentration of the element Chromium.   Nice new selection, 2x3 inches.
Item: MIN033  Price: $4.00

Sample specimen
Pink Quartz
Raw natural 3 to 4 inch chunks of pure pink quartz!  Nice and translucent specimens sure to bring you cheer!
Item: MIN047
Sphalorite is a rich and glassy mineral sometimes accompanied by companion minerals.
Please follow the link to the detail page for a listing of specimens.
min024-t.jpg (11403 bytes) Fluorite Octahedral  Choose from two sizes of these classic Octahedral shaped Fluorite Diamonds.
Collected from the now closed Fluorite mines of Cave in Rock, Illinois and
come in a range of color, purple, blue, aqua, and opaque. The large ones
measure around 1 inch while the small one measure from 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

Large single          Item: MIN024L      Price $7.00
Small, 3 pack      Item: MIN024S     Price $5.00

min029-t.jpg (15718 bytes)
Sample specimen
Citrine from South America
Nice slab specimens of rich colored Citrine.  These pieces are encrusted with hundreds of tiny glistening points.  Colors range from a deep burnt orange to honey colored. Very Nice!  Select from 2 to 6 inch specimens. Please inquire.
Item: MIN029  Price: $5.00 to $15.00
Three Mineral Set
This sample picture shows three thumbnail size specimens in a labeled display box, Pyrite, Galena and Chrysocola in this set.
Item: MIN048

Sample specimen
Super specimens of the only magnetic mineral on earth!  These specimens come with their own growth filings attached. 
Item: MIN037  Out of Stock 

Sample specimen
Mexican Fluorite
3 inch size crystal deep purple Fluorite specimens from Mexico.  Well defined cleavage some with calcite crystals attached.
Item: FLU007
Currently out of stock

Sample specimen
from Searles Lake, California.  These specimens range in color from deep pink to opaque white.  They have excellent minerization crystals
Item: MIN035  
Out of Stock 
Tumbled, Polished Quartz stones.  You will receive 5 stumbled stones for a very good price!
Item: MIN038  Price: $2.00 for 5
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
Aragonite - WhiteThese specimens of Aragonite are imported from the mines of Chihuahua Mexico. They show well formed crystal growth and are of a translucent white color. These are delicate specimens and great care needs to be taken while handling them. Prices:
Small: $4.50 Each  (Item Number MIN004)
Large: $6.00 Each  (Item Number MIN005)
Click for more details...
Sample specimen's
Ema Eggs:  In the quartz family, these specimens are known as EMA EGGS and come from Brazil. They have a opaque white rind and have been flattened and polished on one side to form a window. Inside each egg, is a world of depth and wonder. A true oddity in the mineral world!  
Item Number MIN012
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
Calcite - Double Refracting Cubes: This crystal is said to improve your memory. Helpful in making important information easier to remember and in general has a calming effect on the mind. Set this crystal on print and see two images inside it!  Item: MIN011 $2.00 each, or 3 for $5.00
Blue Fluorite
This fluorite is mined in Bingham New Mexico.  It is unusually bright and very translucent.  It is a raw form mineral so no points or structure.
Item:  BBF01
Out of Stock
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
Dolomite - Pink:  Fine samples of pink Dolomite from Southern Indiana. As in the picture, some (but not all of our specimens) have yellow calcite crystals nested in with the Dolomite. Our pick.
Item: MIN010  $5.00
Click for more details...
Sample specimen
Tumbled Tiger Eye: These red tumbled tiger eye stones are nicely polished pieces. Sold in a lot of 5 stones. Nice and inexpensive stones with good optic quality in an unusual red color.  (Item Number MIN021)   $4.00 per quantity of 5
One Ounce Translucent Blue Kyanite Blades
This is a sample photo of what you will receive.  There are 3 to 7 pieces per ounce and all are a superb gemmy blue quality!
Item MIN045
Sold Out, thank you!



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