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Fossils:  Mazon Creek Nodules

Mazon Creek is located in the coal fields of Northern Illinois and is famous for the Siderite nodules that some of the finest preserved flora and fauna fossils in the world. The original collecting site is now off limits due to cooling ponds of a nuclear power plant that built in the area. However, some collecting is still being done in some of the surrounding areas. CurioGrove offers fine specimens some collected over 45 years ago. We are pleased to offer a sampling from this world famous collecting site! Pennsylvanian in age.

Tully Monster Nodule
Tullimonstrum gregarium
Kankakee Co, IL near Braidwood collected from Pit 1.  Faint but discernable tully monster.  2.5" long nodule.
Item: MAZ013
Jellyfish single
Essexella asherar
Kandakee Co. Illinois  Carbondale fm, pit 11.  Very distinct jelly on an almost perfectly round half nodule.  Nodule is 2-3/4 inches.
Item: MAZ014  $15.00
Jellyfish single
Essexella asherar
Kandakee Co. Illinois  Carbondale fm, pit 11.  5 inch  half nodule and weighs over 2 pounds. 4 lb ship rate..
Item: MAZ015  $25.00
Jellyfish nodule pair
Essexella asherar, Kankakee Co. Illinois  Carbondale fm, pit 11.  A very distinct jelly with a partial split segment.  Weighs 1 lb, 10 ounces, 3 lb ship rate.
Item: MAZ016  $40.00
Annularia radiata, nodule pair
A very nice specimen of the rush clearly defined on both sides of the nodule!  2-3/4" oval.
Item: MAZ008
Linopteris neuropteroides
Nice large split nodule showing the positive and negative of the leaf with veins. Nodule is 4 x 2.5 inches.
Item: MAZ007
More like this specimen available, please inquire.
Clams, 2 singles
Myalina species
Kankakee Co. Illinois  Carbondale fm, pit 11.  These clams are much more distinct in person than through a lense.
Item: MAZ011
Clams, 3 singles
Myalina species
Kankakee Co. Illinois  Carbondale fm, pit 11.  Very distinct specimens on small but complete half nodules.
Item: MAZ012
maz002-t.jpg (17403 bytes) Percopteris clintoni
This specimen measures 4 1/8 inches running the length of the nodule. Very distinct positive and negative impressions with some white minerization accenting the stem and pinnules. From a 45 year old collection. Large and fine!



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