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Fossils:  Dinosaur Teeth
Spinosaurus aegypticus Dinosaur Teeth

These teeth come from a large theropod carnivorous dinosaur. It's hips are lizard like and is assumed to have been a swift predator. The Spinosaurus was also noted for its large bill-sail on its back. It was a 45 foot dinosaur and in maturity weighted 7 tons. It is late Cretaceous in age, approximately 70 million years old and is from the Teguna formation of Morocco, North Africa.
3 Inch tooth
This one is thick with excellent enamel with well defined ridges. Worn tip and some reconstruction.
Item: SDT013
Price: $70.00
Down to the Bone
A large THICK tooth. This one is almost all enamel and no root level bone. It has good enamel with a blunted tip and has been repaired. Palm size, measuring 3 1/4 inches long by 1.5 inches thick. Very Impressive!

Edmontosaurus Dinosaur (Duck billed herbivore)
These are shed teeth having been worn down from grinding food.  Collected from Harding County, South Dakota, Hell creek Fm, Cretaceous.  Small but nice!
Item:  TDT002
$5.00 or 3 for $12.00 
Mosasaur  Teeth
These teeth are from the mouth of an aquatic reptile that had feet yet swam in the water.  The skeletons of these creatures measure up to 45 feet long with an estimated body weight of 2 and a half tons!  Their known food source was ammonites.  Cretaceous in age, collected in Morocco.  The teeth measure from 1 to 1.5 inches long.  Our pick of lot.
Item: MOSA001
Price: $6.00

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus Dinosaur Teeth
Called the "Shark Tooth Lizard" due to the serrations on the edge of the tooth. This massive carnivore was 45 foot long, had a 6 foot head and weighted 8 tons! It was larger than T-Rex and roamed North Africa for a brief but terrorizing period of time. Related to the Allosaurus and has been determined to be one of the largest carnivores to ever walk the Earth. Late Cretaceous (70 MYO) in age, from Taouz Morocco of the Tenana fm. Own one of these, and you will own an uncommon piece of natural history.

Carcharodontosaurus Tooth 2

A nice thick tooth measuring 2 inches long.  It has very good serration detail on one side of the tooth.  It has been reconstructed but does not have a lot of fillers.
Item:  CDN002


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