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Minerals - Crystal Points
This page contains both natural and polished crystals.  The naturals are on the topmost and the polished are down under.

Sample specimen

Sacred Seven DT Points
Also called Super 7which is quartz comprised of seven different mineral inclusions including clear quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, rutile, cacoxenite, goethite and lepidocrocite.  It is believed  that this combo synergistically creates a healing frequency far greater than the sum of the parts.
Item:  SSS01 small $18.00
Item:  SSS01 large $22.00

Sample specimen
Fenster Quartz
Fenster is a German word for window.  These specimens growth structure features hollows within the crystal giving creating the "window".  These crystals are often called Elestial quartz as well.  There appears to be subtle differences between the two and the Crystal Bible 2 explains the differences.   Metaphysical attributes include transmitting healing light and letting go of outgrown emotions.  Can be used in grid work as well.
Diamantina Singing Quartz Crystals from the famous Minas Serais mines of Brazil.  Choose from these  inexpensive laser wands.  Please click on the detail page for size and price.

Hematiod Quartz Points
Hard to get RED quartz from Madagascar.  Most of these are DT's with some points as well, nice selection please follow the Detail Page link.

Chlorite Phantom Quartz
These sea green chlorite phantom inclusion filled quartz are sold by the ounce.  Each ounce has between 8 to 14 pieces.  The quartz pieces are almost all healers with few points. Collected in Madagascar.
Item:  PHQ001
$3.00 per ounce  $42 per pound
Natural Quartz Points Natural Quartz Points: The integrity of the natural shape of these points has been maintained with no grinding, touching up or polishing. They have been harvested from the quartz mines of Mt. Ida Arkansas. Choose between healers, points with inclusions, opaque or transparent. They measure up to 4 inches long base to point and can be up to 2 inches wide. Our choice - best of lot.    Item Number CPQ110 Price $10.00
Polished Quartz Points: The integrity of the natural shape of the point has been maintained while being polished. They have a flattened base, and are beautifully crafted in Brazil. Many varieties to choose from. Very clear, smoky, phantoms, double phantoms, multiple phantoms, cathedrals, rainbow planes from 1 to 5 inches tall and from 1/2 to 3 inches wide. Available by the piece or in bulk. Let us know what type you would like and we will send details and prices. Bulk available, dealers welcome! Item Number CPQ005 Price $3.00 to $30.00 each


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