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Fossils:  Crinoids
These are often called sea lilies, however they are not plants, but echinoderms. They are in the same family as modern star fish, sea biscuits and urchins. Most species attached them selves to the ocean floor with a stem and root section and waited for the currents to bring them food. They would gather with their radial arms extending from the cup.

Burlington Limestone Matrix
Physetocrinus ventricosus and Globoblastus norwoodi
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI009  Price: $20.00
Agaricocrinus bullatus and a Cactocrinus proboscidalis
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI010  Price: $20.00
Playcrinites aequalis and a Uperocrinus pyriformis
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI011  Price: $30.00
Abatocrinus clypeatus and a Cryptoblastus melo
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI012  Price: $30.00
Cactocrinus glans and a Schizoblastus sayi
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI013  Price: $30.00
Agaricocrinus brevis and a Orophocrinus stellifromis
Mississippian, Burlington fm Ralls Co., MO
Item: CRI014  Price: $25.00

Indiana Crinoid  on Matrix

Click for more details... CRI004 A fine sample of a Abrotocrinus unicus Inadunate crinoid. It features excellent arm articulation. Edwardsville fm, Montgomery Co.  Indiana. Mississippian in age, 320 to 360 MYO. The matrix is 3 X 2 X 3/4 inches. 
Item: CRI004 Price: $90.00

Crinoid Clusters & Floats

Crinoid Float: These float crinoid float balls are best described as, "Unusual"! They are Devonian, Scyphocrinites ulrichi, collected from Davis Oklahoma, Haragan fm.   They have distinct lobes, and protruding base stems.  From 3 to 5 inches.  This picture is an example, best of lot pick.
Item: CFL001  Price: $9.00
Click for more details... Crinoid Clusters: Mississippian in age, (320 - 260 myo) found in the Ft. Payne formation of Sumner Co. Tennessee. They are all approx 2X2 inches in size. This picture is an example, best of lot pick.
Item: CRIL001 Price: $3.00

Solnhofen Floating Crinoids

Order: Comatuida, Genus: Saccocoma. These Solnhofen floating crinoid are as their name says, they did not attach themselves to the sea bed, but rather floated in the Jurassic waters of what is now the sandstone layers of the Solnhofen limestone. These specimens have been stained to bring out detail. The approximate dimensions of the specimen is 1- 3/4 in diameter on a 2 1/2 to 4 inches nibbled oval matrix.  They make an excellent book case display. We recommend a DIS-35B display stand for this fossil. 

Floating Crinoid
Natural quartz vein through the matrix.
 Item:  SCR005
Sold, Thank You!



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