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Jewelry - Celtic
All pieces are from the Legends of Rhiannon Celtic Collection.  Made of 995 Sterling Silver.
l15.jpg (18675 bytes) Celtic Dragon  "Leadership and Purity"
Celtic primal mythology tells of two dragons who dwell within the land. They represent Earth Energy and Life Forces and are mentioned in the Prophecies of Merlin.
Item:  L-15  Price:  $28.00

Shield of the Four Directions
"Love and Happiness"
This design fused together perfect harmony of the cardinal points of the compass. East, South, West and North directions and their attributes of Life, Light, Love and Law.
Item: L-05  $28.00

The Four Seasons
"Protection and Healing"
A simply lovely design denoting the four seasons which ruled the ancient Celtic world from agriculture to hunting.
Item: L-06  $28.00


This is a Celtic birth charm, for birthdates between January 23rd and February 13th.    Wear it to signify your birthday or just because you like it!
Item:  BC-02  $25.00 
Out of stock

This is a Celtic birth charm, for birthdays between December 10 through the 31st.  Wear it to signify your birthday or just because you like it!
Item:  BC-16  $25.00

This is a Celtic birth charm, for birthdays between May 17th and June 8th.  Can be worn to signify your birthday or just because you like it!

Item:  BC-07  $25.00
Out of stock
l11.jpg (15201 bytes) High Celtic Cross  "Guidance and Protection"
High Celtic cross measures one and 5/8ths inches high and an inch across. This pendant is styled after Celtic crosses found on the island of Iona. It is worn for guidance and protection. 
Item:  L-11  Price:  $28.00
Out of stock
l12.jpg (18639 bytes) Glastonbury Tor "Inspiration and Intuition"
Wheel Headed Celtic cross measures one and ¼ inches in diameter. This is a contemporary design based on ancient crosses found in the Glamorgan area of south Wales. It is worn for inspiration and intuition.
Item:  L-12  Price:  $28.00
l13.jpg (15306 bytes) Hound of Cuchulainn "Steadfastness to Goals"
Hound of Cuchulainn measures an inch and a ¼ long by an inch and 1/8th wide. Cuchulainn was a great Irish hero who defended his people and their lands. It is worn for steadfastness and goals. 
Item:  L-13  Price:  $28.00
Out of stock
l14.jpg (13530 bytes) Bird of Cliodna "Health and Vitality"
Bird of Cliodna measures one and a half inches long and is 5/8ths wide. It is inspired by the legend of Cliodna and her three magical birds. This pendant is worn for health and vitality. 
Item:  L-14  Price:  $28.00
l16.jpg (14610 bytes) Fintan's Salmon  "Transformation and Miracles"
Fintan’s Salmon is one and ½ inches long by ¾ths inches wide. In Celtic lore, Fintan was a magician capable of shape shifting. This pendant represents Fintan as a salmon. Wear it and transformation and miracles may occur. 
Item:  L-16  Price:  $28.00
Out of stock
l08.jpg (18825 bytes) Wheel of Taranis "Strength and Courage"
Wheel of Taranis measures 7/8ths inch in diameter. Taranis is a father god and was considered a powerful deity of the druids. His symbol increases ones strength and courage.
Item:  L-08  Price:  $28.00
Out of stock
l04.jpg (16132 bytes)

Wheel of Arianrod "Good Luck and Fortune" 
Wheel of Arianrod measures 7/8ths inch in diameter. Arianrod is a Welsh goddess whose name translates to "Silver Wheel". It is said to wear this, is to find the charm of luck and fortune.
Item:  L-04  Price:  $28.00

l07.jpg (14314 bytes) The Triple Goddess   "Protection and Healing"
The Triple Goddess measures an inch and 1/8th across by one inch tall. The triangle represents a Maiden, Mother and Crone. And is said to have the power of stability and security.
Item: L-07
l03.jpg (11920 bytes) The Three Worlds "Growth and Progress"
The Three Worlds measures one inch long by 3/8ths inch wide. It represents the Universe, Earth and the Underworld. The pendant promotes growth and progress.
Item: L-03  Price: $25.00
Out of stock
l01.jpg (15002 bytes) Circle of Brighid  "Creativity and Self Confidence"
St Brighid or "The Bride" is the most popular saint of the Celts in Scotland and Ireland.  Gaelic goddess of smithcraft, metalwork, poetic inspiration and divination of healing.
Item:  L-01  Price:  $25.00
Out of stock
bc11.jpg (19030 bytes) Mourie  Tree "Healing"
This is a Celtic birth charm, August 17th to September 8th.  Trees were sacred to the druids who worshiped in sacred groves.   Those born now may have healing abilities and an affinity with nature.
Item:  BC-11  Price:  $25.00
Out of stock


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