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Minerals - Calcite
COLORFUL COLORS of CALCITE: Several colors to choose from, Red, Blue, Green, White Clear, and Champagne. The colors are rich and the geometric properties are well defined for this type of mineral specimen. The size range is from 2 to 10 inches Imported from Mexico.
Emerald Calcite
These cubes are an exquisite vivacious Emerald green color and come in 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 square-ish cubes. This is an energy amplifier stone. Sample picture.
Item CAL009  Price: $3.00
Blue Calcite
Nice 2 inch rich blue specimen of Calcite from Mexico.  A soothing color for a hectic world, aids in balance, and joy.  Sample picture.
Item CAL014
Price: $3.00
Orange Calcite
Bright orange specimens of Calcite from Mexico!  Clears the thought processes for intuitive balance. Sample picture.
Item: CAL013
Price: $3.00

Special Offer
Four stones of one each, Emerald, Blue, Red ( pictured on the Detail page) and Orange calcites for a dollar off!
Item: CAL000
Price: $11.00

Red: Predominate rich red color with some fading into pink and opaque white.  A centering, grounding stone.  Helps to relieve negative emotions. Sample picture.
Item: CAL005  Price: $3.00
cal010-t.jpg (16759 bytes) Red Crystal Calcite
Super new stock of shiny clear to reddish brown calcite crystals on a limonite matrix. Great specimens form a cornucopia locality, Mapimi, Mexico. These crystals are VERY glittery! Most pieces measure 3+ inches.
Item: CAL010 Price $12.00
wpe4.jpg (8531 bytes) Black Calcite
These unique specimens are a totally new form of lustrous, dark brown calcite. Each is bristling with translucent, spherical crystals coating the matrix. Their structure will remind you of Garnet. To sizes to choose from and every specimen in stock is A number one grade. Let us carefully pick out the right specimen for you!
Large, 3 to 4 inches.
Item: CAL011L Price $21.00
Small, 1.5 to 2.5 inches.
Item: CAL011S Price $10.00
Click for more details... Clear: This calcite is very clear and captures the light spectrum through out the internal planes. Put these in light and you will see wonderful rainbow effects through out the stone!  3 inches. Sample picture.
Item: CAL002. Price: $5.00
Click for more details... Double Refracting Spar: Double Refracting Calcite: Choose from our large inventory of opaque or translucent Icelandic spar. Your choice of a beautiful yellow or white. Most pieces are very thick. Your choice of 1/4 to 8 pound specimens. Bulk discounts available. Imported from Mexico. Sample picture. Sold by weight at $9.00 a lb. 
Item Number CAL004
Click for more details... White: These specimens are Opaque white with some depth and clarity. Nicely formed shapes, 1 to 3 inches.  
Item Number CAL007  Price $4.00 to $7.00


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