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Bargains N' Bulk
These pages are for both the folks who buy in quantity for crafting or resale or the treasure hunter looking for that odd find or bargain.  Bulk items are listed at the top of the page, please scroll down for the odds and ends.
1.  All sales are final, no returns or refunds.
2.  No high grade with the stated discount
3.  No orders accepted under the stated minimum quantity.
4.  Further discounts available for greater quantity.
5.  Items marked with a ***Dealer Price Available*** indicate further discounts     available with proof of valid tax ID or business license.
6.  Quantities may be limited.

Current Offerings

  1. Epidote on black tourmaline
  2. Pink Tourmaline in matrix
  3. Smoky Lemurian Crystals
  4. Lemurian Seed Crystals
  5. Madagascar Ammonite Pairs
  6. Pennsylvanian Fern
  7. Mosasaur Lizard Bone
  8. Petrified Wood
  9. Tibetan Quartz Points
  10. Laser Quartz Points
  11. Barite Roses
  12. Apache Tears Obsidian
  13. Rough Turritella Matrix
  14. Lightning Welk Shells
  15. Sea Shell Flat
  16. Sea Shell Flat

Epidote on black tourmaline
This is a pound lot offer of epidote on tourmaline.  Sizes vary but you can expect to get between 50 t0 70 pieces in a lb.  There will be a lot of singles but also clusters can be found in this material. 
Sold by the pound
Item:  BEPI01
$35.00 net
***Dealer Prices Available***
Pink Tourmaline on matrix
This tourmaline is from Minas Brazil.  Nice rich pink to purple color on every piece and some with rods thru the quartz matrix rock.  Sold by the pound, and approx.12 to 18 per pound.
Item: BPT01
$220.00 lb
***Dealer Prices Available***
Smoky Lemurian Seed Quartz
These beauties come from a now closed mine in Minas Brazil.  Many of them have phantoms. Rare and unusual.  These are raw, natural quartz points ranging in size between 1.5 and 3 inches. Sold by the pound and approx. 16 to 22 per lb.
Item: BSL01
$130.00 lb

***Dealer Prices Available***
Lemurian Seed Crystals
Lemurians only come from Serra Do Cabral Mountain in Minas Gerias Brazil.  Extracted from sand beds these crystals grow individually and few have ever found growing in clusters.  Most are clear with a mix of light pink and or a tangerine cast caused by a light iron oxide coating.
Most Lemurian’s have horizontal ladder like grooves on two to three sides of the crystal with very clear interiors.  People into stone therapy find these crystals to be very powerful as meditation tools and metaphysical stores and practitioners love these crystals.  You will receive approx. 22 crystals per pound.
Item: BLEM
$80.00 lb
***Dealer Prices Available***
Madagascar Ammonite Pairs
#1 Grade Ammonites from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.  Split and polished and individually bagged in clear plastic with the mate.  Minimum Quantity: 10 pairs
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Pennsylvanian Fern impressions on matrix.  Most fern impressions are gray on gray with some natural white or rust coloration.  Many species of ferns are found on the matrix. Size of the matrix range from 2 to 6 inches.
Minimum Quantity: 5 lbs
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Mosasaur Lizard Bone
Rough bone chunks mostly non-identifiable.  Great for slicing and cabbing with very good grain. 
Minimum Quantity: 2 lbs
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Petrified Wood
Rough pieces of Oklahoma petrified wood.  Some with very good grain detail.  Hard material, good for cutting and cabbing.
Minimum Quantity: 5 pounds
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***Dealer Prices Available***
Tibetan Quartz Points
They come in a variety of shapes and inclusions, Included, Scepters, Key, Bridges, Lineated, Empathic, Double XL's etc. 1 to 3 inches in length.
Minimum Quantity: 1 lb
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***Dealer Prices Available***
Laser Quartz Points
They ring out in a beautiful pitch when gently rubbed together.  From the famed Diamantina Mine of Brazil.  1 to 3 inches in length.  Pound Quantity available with approximately 110 per lb.
Minimum Quantity: 10 points for $20.00  
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Barite Roses
Reddish brown in color with sandy texture.  Oklahoma is quite proud of these!  Golf ball size specimens.
Minimum Quantity: 10
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Apache Tears Obsidian
Pictured is 8 oz of naturally shaped Apache Tears.  They are black with white frosting that can be polished off.  If you hold them up to the light you can see through them.
8 ounces for $12.00
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Rough Turritella Matrix
Turritella shells embedded in matrix rock.  Perfect for slicing into cabs.
Only one bag available, 1 lb, 10 ounces.
Item: BTUR
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Lightning Welk Shells
10 Pliocene Lightning Welk shells in this lot..  They range in size from 3-3/4 to 6-1/2 inches.  Melonginidae busycon, Pinecrest fm, Florida
Item: BLW01
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Fossil Sea Shells 01
Flat of shells:
2 - Clavatula/FR
3 - Turridae/AU
2 - Gastropods/UK
1-  Athleta/FR
2 - Ranellidae/A
2 - Melongena corona/US
4 prs - Arcinella/US
1 - Astraea/US
5 - Melongena/US
5 - Strombus/US
Item: BSH01
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Fossil Sea Shells 02
Flat of 25 shells
5 - Clavatula/FR
5 - Strombus/US
5 - Busycon/US
5 - Mitra/US
5 - Carditamera/US
Item: BSH02
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