Split Pair Ammonite
This pair is fairly thin and measures 2-5/8ths inches.  Well defined sutures separating the chambers.  Chambers are primarily brown calcite with some quartz filling.  Second to outer most chamber is hollow.  Reverse, shell side shows red iridescent flash.
Item: PAM021
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Fossil: Ammonite
These are split, polished AAA grade pairs from Madagascar.  They have been meticulously cut, cleaned and finished with a smooth polish.  They are Jurassic age and several species are available. Larger specimens at the bottom of the page.  Click on the detail page link to see the both inside and outside of the halved pairs.
1-3/4 to 3 Inch Matching Pairs
Split Pair Ammonite
Bold sutures accent the naturally deep coloration within the chambers of this specimen.  Beautiful natural iridescent outer shell shows pastel rainbow of colors.  This is a thick pair and measures 2-3/8ths at the widest.
Item: PAM023
Split Pair Ammonite
Nicely defined chambers separated by distinct white sutures.  Several small cavities of quartz through out the fossil.  Nice ridged detail on reverse outer shell.  Fairly flat, measures 2-1/4" inches at the widest.
Item: PAM024
Split Pair Ammonite
Really gnarly beautiful ammonite this one!  Rich naturally coffee colored chambers with calcite filling in several of them, distinct sutures define the whorl of growth and the reverse side has a lot of sea bed sediment still attached to the knobby outer shell.  Thick specimen measuring 2-3/4" inches.
Item: PAM027

Large 4+ Inch Matching Pairs and Single
Split Pair Ammonite
Outer solid chambers with the inner ones filled with honey calcite crystal.  UV inner whorl and a beautiful outer shell .  Measures 4 inches and is very thick.
Item: PAM017
Half Side Nautilus
Yep, not an Ammonite but it needs to find a home   It is beautiful one half side, not a split pair.  It It is a solid specimen with a variety of mineralization.  It Measures 3.5 inches and is quite thick.
Item: PAM018
Split Pair Ammonite
 Lovely intense honey colored calcite fill the chambers around the sutures of this specimen.  It does have a couple of "dimpled" cavities but none very deep or hollow.  This beauty measures 3.75 inches and is a thick specimen.  UV
Item: PAM019
Split Pair Ammonite
 This is the hoss of the page and is a beautiful specimen both inside and out.  Measures 3.75 inches and is very thick.  The outer chambers are hollow with a deep mineral incrustation and the outer shell shows very well defined ridged shell structure.
Item: PAM020



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