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Thunder Bay Amethyst
Thunder Bay area amethyst crystals formed in granite cavities created during the Keweenawan faulting of the Lake Superior basin about 1.1 billion years ago.  
These purple to red amethyst crystals all have a thin layer of reddish brown hematite trapped just beneath their surface and no two amethyst crystals are alike in color or composition.  Each specimen is unique as one crystal can be uniform in color while another can vary from a subtle shade of lavender near the crystal base, to an intense, dark purple at its point.
If it grows in an unrestricted space, amethyst will form six sided prismatic crystals with pyramid-shaped ends.
For centuries amethyst was revered as the "royal color".  It had many uses as a gem stone and at one time was actually considered more precious than diamonds.  Crown chakra, aids in clearing pathways to the higher realms.

Flat Bed Red
Small grain red points cap a brilliant purple layer which lays on top of the host granite.  A lot of flash and one of our largest offerings, measures 4 x 3 x 1 inches and weighs almost 12 ounces.
Item: TBA05
Thunder One
Many fine interlaced points crown a very purple mess of Amethyst.  Triangle shape growth base with but a fleck of granite matrix.  Palm size.
Item: TBA01
Sold, Thank You!
Lil' Hillside
Small grain points sparkle and flash on this unique two color matrix.  Muted red points are surrounded by purple-gray points.  Thin, could possibly be made into a pendant.
Item: TBA04
Sold, Thank You!
Purple Haze
Many, many small grain points dominate this specimen.  Rich deep hematite almost looks brown covering a fine bed of purple amethyst.  The crystals are attached to the host granite rock so side views give a three color layer effect.  This is a large specimen measuring 3 x 3.5 x 1 inches and weighing just shy of 12 ounces.
Item:  TBA06
Sold, Thank You!
Interesting specimen with very small grain crystals capping a host rock.  Druzy, poorly formed crystals makes for a huge flash factor with this specimen.  Some non-id'ed mineral coats part of the surface.
Item:  TBA07
Sold, Thank You!
Goji Berry
Big, BIG nugget o' amethyst.  This It does have a ding on one side of the point as shown in the picture. Don't let that discourage you, this is an awesome specimen worthy of an esteemed place in a collection.  2" tall, 2.5" long and 2" thick.
Item:  TBA09
Sold, Thank You!
Purple Mountain Flame
This is my favorite!  What a specimen...just check out the detail pictures....
Item:  TBA10
Sold, Thank You!
Red Eruption
Superb red mineralization on fancy bold points growing from a deep purple base.  This stone sits up beautifully with no assistance required.  This one has a druzy granite core.
Item:  TBA02
Sold, Thank You!
Red Crown
Red crystals crown distinct purple amethyst and a light amethyst base.  A lot of flash pops from the distinct grains of this matrix.
Item:  TBA03
Sold, Thank You
Sweet Retreat
Nice palm size specimen with rich flash power generated from the small grain bed of crystals. Red tips cap rich purple to opaque crystals seated on a dollop of base rock.
Item: TBA08
Sold, Thank You



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