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CurioGrove's Feature Deal!

The CurioGrove deal features unique specimens or items with SHIPPING INCLUDED anywhere in the USA.  International purchase will have an adjusted ship rate for actual shipping cost.  New feature deals will rotate with others on an occasional basis.

Fossil Whale Inner Ear Bone

whale inner ear cochlea bone Pliocene age from 1.8 to 5 million years old . It was collected in the brackish river waters of Charlestown SC. (Yorktown fm)
Item: DOD
21  $22.00




Dolomite with Gold Sheen Sheet Mica with Druze

A super cabinet size specimen of pink dolomite and gold sheet mica growth bubbling up from the matrix. This specimen also features a dusting of shiny gold mica druze coating much of the matrix. It measuring 5 lx 4 x 2.8 inches and weighs just over two pounds.
Item: DOD019


Diamantina Singing Quartz

This Diamantina laser points is from Minas Brazil. It is six and a half inches long and over two inches across.  Its a translucent healer and will make a wonderful addition to your quartz collection.
Item:  DOD016



66mm Smoky Quartz Sphere with Stand

This is a very dark smoky quartz sphere from Brazil.  It measures 66 mm's or 2-5/8 inches in diameter and comes with a Silver stand.  The special deal is a buck a millimeter with shipping included!
Item: DOD015



Blue Kyanite in Matrix

Palm size chunk of blue kyanite in matrix of calcite. This is a multi-dimensional specimen with many blades jutting out in all directions with many cleavages and angles.  It measures three inches and is of fairly substantial weight for a specimen this size.  This specimen is a little lighter blue than the solo picture indicates.
Item:  DOD013


Icelandic Spar Calcite Crystal

Large double refracting calcite crystal rhombohedral measures 3.5 x 4 x and inch and an eighth thick.  It weights one and a half pounds.  This is a translucent specimen with some areas that have the double refracting quality these crystals are known for.  Icelandic spar is an ancient stone first found in Iceland though occurs world wide and this calcite is from Mexico.   Its an amazing stone used for cleansing and amplifying vision, and was used by the Vikings to aid in navigation. This specimen glows a faint pink color under short wave black light.
Item: DOD011  $16.00


One Pound of Tumbled Citrine Pebbles

One pound of nice shiny Citrine pebbles from Brazil.  These beauties have many uses, carry them around in your pocket or purse for that feel good ambience of Citrine, place them in grids, put them in fish tanks, give them to friends.  I'm sure you'll think of other uses for these smooth tumbles!  I normally sell these for $8.00 a pound net, the deal is I'm knocking off a buck and a quarter on the shipping to make it the deal of the day!  I have a quantity of these so dealer inquiries welcome.
Item:  DOD08  $12.00

This is an actual pound, it has 22 tumbles in it, though quantity may vary.


25 Fossil Shark Teeth

These 25 fossilized shark teeth are perfect for wire wrapping and jewelry projects.  All of them are around 1.5 inches and are near complete teeth.  There are a variety of shark species represented in this collection, megalodon, great white, sand shark and mackerel shark.  They Miocene in age, 6 to 24 million years old and were collected in the brackish waters of coastal South Carolina.
Item:  DOD07  $12.00



Dinosaur Bone

Large chunk of non ID-ed dino bone from the badlands of South Dakota.  It weights just under 7 pounds and is a ball joint with some cell structure detail.  Great conversation piece! 
Item: DOD05  $48.00



This kit features 7 vertebrate fossils from different periods from the geologic time line.  Graptolite, Fossil shark tooth, Manta Ray mouth plate, Gar scale, Rabbit Jaw, Mouse jaw and a Dastilbe fish.  Kit includes the box with fossils and ID lid.
DOD03  $26.00



Handcrafted in Indonesia.  Relax with this beautifully carved and painted meditating cat.  Stands 6" high and is fully 3 dimensional.  Item:  DOD02  $28.00 includes shipping!  Makes a great one-of-a-kind gift! 



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